Who lives here?

New piece/thing/what in PANK out now.

No turn there, I think, just a brief bit of concentration running vertical-wise.

More soon (Unsaid). Listening for now:

Gucci Mane: Burrpoint 3D
Rick Ross (??x2)
Wild Nothing: Gemini
Ipod on Random= Only Ones. Emeralds. Die Bohren and Der Club of Gore. Gucci Mane.

Ready to work on some longer things once Exams are done. A week + 2 days to go and waiting to go at 3 longer stories already begun/novel stuff.

More exam reading:

S. Hall
R. Williams
F. Nietsche
Robinson Jeffers (ugh)
Maryanne Moore (morals + mortality. a finishing school unto herself.)
Hart Crane

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