New piece coming out in Fall 2012 Fence that Ms. Molly Gaudry might recognize. Cheers and good fall to everyone.

Listening to Death Grips last few days. Now have two daughters (aggregate) since my last posting here. One Lucinda Bell and one Isla Wray.


Who lives here?

New piece/thing/what in PANK out now.

No turn there, I think, just a brief bit of concentration running vertical-wise.

More soon (Unsaid). Listening for now:

Gucci Mane: Burrpoint 3D
Rick Ross (??x2)
Wild Nothing: Gemini
Ipod on Random= Only Ones. Emeralds. Die Bohren and Der Club of Gore. Gucci Mane.

Ready to work on some longer things once Exams are done. A week + 2 days to go and waiting to go at 3 longer stories already begun/novel stuff.

More exam reading:

S. Hall
R. Williams
F. Nietsche
Robinson Jeffers (ugh)
Maryanne Moore (morals + mortality. a finishing school unto herself.)
Hart Crane


Some Mer Water

Actress, Splazsh
Eddie Bo, In the Pocket
Abner Jay, One Man Band
Roky Erickson, I Have Always Been Here Before
Mount Kimbie, Maybes EP
Sleigh Bells, Treats

Kazuo Ishiguro, Never Let Me Go


Speak Spell

New strangeness out in Witness. More things forthcoming.


Scratch Acid, Greatest Gift
AFX, Chosen Lords
Masta Killa, No Said Date (first half is brilliant, not so much the rest)
Pierre Fournier, Six Bach Cello Suites
Timber Timbre, s/t
Simone White, I'm the Man
Bill Withers, Just as I Am
Leonard Cohen, Live Songs
Mixes by Linger & Quiet
Demdike Stare, Symbiosis


Sunk Then

William Backhaus: Beethoven, Complete Piano Sonatas
Annie Fischer: Beethoven, Complete Piano Sonatas
Bill Fay: From the Bottom of an Old Grandfather Clock
Atlas Sound: Rough Trade EP
Replacements: Let it Be
VA: Watch How the People Dancing (Honest Jon's)
VA: Marvellous Boy (Honest Jon's
VA: Pomegranates, Music
Faust: IV
VA: Boogaloo Pow Pow


Return of Return

Listening (Winter Noise):

Kevin Drumm, Imperial Horizon + Imperial Distortion
Yellow Swans, Live During War Crimes #3 (looking forward to hearing "Going Places" on Type Records)
Yellow Swans/John Wiese, Portable Dunes
Grouper/Roy Montgomery, Split
Grouper, Cover the Windows and the Walls
Wayne Shorter, Juju
Grant Green, Idle Moments
Ella Fitzgerald, Sing the Rodgers and Hart Song Book
Jorge Ben, Samba Esquema Novo
Esthete Cardosa, Cancao do Amor Demais
Joao Gilberto, Joao Gilberto
Arthur Jones, Scorpio (BYG)
Sam Rivers, Contrasts

Snow everywhere. Then water everywhere. Trying to catch up on work.



Somehow discovered Bradford Cox's (Deerhunter) Micromixes (all 22 of them) and so have been making my way through those. So far, they're excellent (22-17). I am now in love with the Fleetwoods. Am awaiting the future triumphs of the Phillies over the much-despised Yankees.

Reading Richard Rorty's Philosophy and the Mirror of Nature. This book has been responsible for my last two (of three) headaches, though I've actually enjoyed reading it.