Ideas nixed by the author

Enclaves in the ocean, comprised of drowned people who live out death underwater. Water-based problems?

Couple find door in a dead Aunt, set off search for more doors. People start finding and using doors (found in the bodies of the dead) so frequently that the world (living) begins to empty of people.

Group of folks in space, where space is simply an endless number of rooms that open onto other rooms. Domestic comedy?

Been thinking about: Fleischer Brothers (Their Art Deco version of Superman? Anyone seen this? Pretty amazing. Or their collected works? Weird, wonderful animation). The new Phoenix album, which is surprisingly fun. Contemporary fairy tales. My not-yet-arrived daughter, who is as-of-yet unnamed. But due in two days.


Molly Gaudry said...

First of all: DAUGHTER! OMG! I had no idea. Congrats, congrats, congrats!

Second: Contemporary fairy tales. You have to read Kate Bernheimer's The Complete Tales of Ketzia Gold. There's also a Complete Tales of Merry Gold (the sequel). (Shameless plug: my own forthcoming book, We Take Me Apart, which is a series of retellings of fairy tale classics.) And the Fairy Tale Review.

Third: Daughter! Congrats!

Martin Fulmer said...

Man Bry, bring back the space folks!