In Which a story (unwritten) entitled "The Mistress Trembles" is discussed

Is singing in the morning, having just woke. Everybody wakes. That is, of those who are sleeping. And so she is awake and singing. This story will have a setting. It will take place in more than just a bedroom. Some possible settings for the story of the mistress: cafe, rectory, waterfall, sidewalk. The song is quite a basic example, the melody simple, re: the song she will sing before (during) the trembling episode to which the title alludes. We will have to decide, at some point, if the song is a real or fictive song. Some questions: why is the mistress at choir practice? for whom is she a mistress? if we call her simply "Mistress" does that imply a judgment of some kind? Why the (figurative?) trembling? Should the title be remade? Must this trembling be a part of the story. Why not "The Mistress"? "The Girl," or "Lady"?

forthcoming: In Which the Story Formerly Known As "The Mistress Trembles" is Renamed and Instead called "The Lady".