No money, but I want music. Like:

Sunn O))) Monoliths & Dimensions
Fever Ray s/t (from Knife)
Pains of Being Pure at Heart s/t
Field Yesterday and Today

I got Orchestre Poly-Rythmo de Cotonou The Vodoun Effect for my birthday, which was wonderful. More beautiful music from analog africa.

Also got kind of excited about Willie Isz's new album, Georgiavania, coming out on Lex. The leak single "Grussle" is amazing, but I've also heard another track that wasn't as strong. Have to wait and see.

There's an Honest Jon's release coming out that I really want to hear. I think it's calypso music. I don't remember the name of the comp though (edit: it's called Marvellous Boy: Calypso From West Africa).

I'm tired of the internet lately. Tired of its little communities.

Had an idea today of beginning a site like Pitchfork, but being only book reviews. Something with a house style that works under the umbrella of pushing the art of book criticism over publicity. Only smart book reviews, maybe an article every now and then about something important.


Molly Gaudry said...

Do it.

Chicky Wang said...

I would totally write for it.

Internet community works only when based on IRL friendships.