Came in the mail today. Blake Butler's EVER. I've read the first 30 pages so far and am into this. I like writing informed by Beckett and this seems to be in that mode (and in other modes as well, not only that) but in a way that's different from writers like Auster, Barthelme, Lutz, Evenson, Powell, and Ball. I'll have more on this maybe. I don't want to talk the book into a corner. It's doing a lot of things that seem unrelated to my point above, but at first glance it's got a toe in that camp. For some reason too this reminds me of Les Murray's animal poems and the pieces I've seen lately by Jenny Hanning. Really interesting stuff. It's in the air, and it's good.

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Just wanted to drop in and say, Hey. It makes me happy to see Blake's book here on your blog. He's one of my faves!