Put Some Deez On It, or Songs I Listened to 08

In no real, meaningful order . . .

01.) Master of None, Beach House

02.) State Trooper, Bruce Springstreen

03.) Beaux Dimanches, Amadou and Mariam

04.) Good to Me, Otis Redding

05.) Most Beautiful City on Earth, Magik Markers

06.) Sweet Love for Planet Earth, Fuck Buttons

07.) I Got Your Ice Cold Nugrape, The Nugrape Twins

08.) Do Nothing Till You Hear From Me, Ella Fitzgerald w/ Duke Ellington

09.) Easy Lee, Ricardo Villalobos

10.) Spring Hall Convert, Deerhunter

11.) Hip Priest, The Fall

12.) Repetition, The Fall

13.) Katie Cruel, Karen Dalton

14.) Mr. Me Too, Clipse

15.) Erik Satie, Gymnopedie I-III

16.) The Worst (That Comes Out Of Me), John Terrill

17.) Veni Vidi Vici, Black Lips

18.) The Great Pine Tar Scandal, Paul Flaherty/Chris Corsano

19.) Chipo Choroorwa, The Green Arrows

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Molly Gaudry said...

Glad I found you (via Kevin Wilson's blog). Lost you there for a bit.

Happy New Year,