Bundles for Them

Not sure I'd read Stein's poetry before. I'm sure maybe that I hadn't. I've read now about all of the poems in the NAOMP (Norton Anthology of Modern Poetry), and now she's one of my favorite poets. I think. For now at least. For this week.

For some reason I like this one:

Bundles for Them


We were able to notice that each one in a way carried a bundle, they / were not a trouble to them nor were they all bundles as some of them were / chickens some of them pheasants some of them sheep and some of them / bundles, they were not a trouble to them and then indeed we learned that / it was the principal recreation and they were so arranged that they were / not given away, and to-day they were given away.
     I will not look at them again.
     They will not look for them again.
     They have not seen them here again.
     They are in there and we hear them again.
     In which way are stars brighter than they are. When we have come to this decision. We mention many thousands of buds. And when I close my eyes I see them.
     If you hear her snore
     It is not before you love her
     You love her so that to be her beau is very lovely
     She is sweetly there and her curly hair is very lovely
     She is sweetly here and I am very near and that is very lovely
     She is my tender sweet and her little feet are stretched out well which is a treat and very lovely
     Her little tender nose is between her little eyes which close and are very lovely.
     She is very lovely and mine which is very lovely.



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Chicky Wang said...

my students hate/love her.